Monday, August 6, 2007

A New Job! A New You!

So I've started a new job, and it's so damned strange: I'm just terribly worried that I might somehow break some invisible taboo that will leave everybody angry with me. Like I will make a pot of coffee and it will overflow. Or I will say something terribly uncool and obvious in the middle of a staff meeting and everybody will recognize me as a huge faker.

Of course, I feel this pounding background urge to have everybody like me. And it's really not at all possible to be charming and entertaining when I'm about as helpless as a newborn kitten who doesn't know how to read the damned bus schedule yet.

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SG said...

Brendan, you've really nailed the new employee feeling in this post. I wish I could tell you that the feeling has diminished for me over the course of the last month. Rather, I suspect that I still break these taboos with every step, and I just happen to work with very accommodating and compassionate co-workers.